Thursday, November 19, 2009

rainy thursday

i saw the Star Wars show last night in b-more and it was the best thing i've been to in a long time. the best part is my daddy appreciated me taking him.. that can be hard to come by sometimes. all i can say is john williams is a genius for writing those scores and anthony daniels makes a very entertaining narrator. :)

it's rainy and i'm already not having the best of days.. there's a good chance i got caught by a radar speeding trap but i hope it wasn't going off at me. i don't remember going more than 35 mph and there were cars in front of and behind me.. anyway the thing flashed and it's probably me knowing my luck with those things. speed traps and red light cameras have never been my friends. so yeah, a rough start to the day, but i have pumpkin bread and coffee so it's looking better :) and a burrito lunch with a lovely coworker later!

i was listening to my iPod on the metro and decided that i want to make a list of things you should listen to at certain times. i pick and choose music based on the weather and my mood.. so here you go. don't worry, i can guarantee they're all good:

rainy day weather: Mat Kearney, "Nothing Left to Lose" whole album
sad love times: Coldplay, "Fix You," Rosi Golan, "Come Around" and "Hazy"
happy happy: Stars, "Elevator Love Letter," The Blow, "Parenthesis" and Mika, "Grace Kelly"
general gloominess: Jeff Buckley, "Hallelujah"
driving with the windows down: Jack's Mannequin, "Everything in Transit" whole album and Fall Out Boy, "Take This to Your Grave" whole album (don't hate, they have crazy guitar skills)
dance party: anything by Usher is absolutely mandatory. and MJ.
for the Lord: anything Hillsong, Brooke Fraser, Phil Wickham, Bethany Dillon, Shane & Shane

give me a mood, and i'll match it with something good :)


tp said...

listening to this playlist RIGHT now.

Melissa Joy said...

i just found this new band, Mikeschair, they are good. I'm not sure if you've heard of them. Their songs have some really good lyrics, relatable