Wednesday, October 21, 2009

girls you should know..

I am finding some amazing female artists lately.. mostly out of nowhere, which I love. Plus some old favorites thrown in.

1. Kelsey Wild. I've loved this Illinois girl for about two years, and she finally got her stuff put on iTunes. She is amazing at piano and she has an insanely unique voice. She's great at writing as well.
2. Rosi Golan. I've mentioned her a couple of times recently on here. She has great lyrics and vocals.. especially when paired with a guy's voice on "Hazy."
3. Jillian Edwards. A Christian, but she mixes that aspect into her music very well. Most of it is all about love, Christ-centered or otherwise. She's all around good.
4. Metric. A really different kind of band, with a girl (whose name I can't remember right now) leading vocals. Just really cool and I like them a lot. Go to myspace and listen, they're hard to put into words.
5. Antje Duvekot. Really interesting voice and writes about some different things.. for instance, her song titled "Judas," all about how he became the man who betrayed Jesus.

More to come, I'm sure! For now, go listen.

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tp said...

i love when you suggest new music..... hooray!