Tuesday, September 15, 2009


this is a busy busy week. and i have lots of things to comment on.

first of all: kanye west. what the eff were you thinking? i don't have cable (and i doubt i would be watching the VMA's anyway) so i had to read about it the next day. i think everything is worse in print. i can't believe he did that to poor taylor swift. so disrespectful. ok, rant over.

second: the real world is very intimidating sometimes. i actually had a moment this morning where i convinced myself that i was all wrong for this job and i have no idea why they hired me. funny how confirmation comes to you.. later that day my boss told me i did an excellent job on something i worked on for her. then she told me she was confident she hired the right person for the job. thank you Lord. haha

third: my best friend's birthday is this weekend! not only will she be joining me in the lovely age of 23, but we will be getting together with some lovely people. it's always so refreshing to me to see friends after not seeing them for a significant period of time.

fourth: a new bible and two new pairs of moccasins are coming to me very soon. and i can't wait :) two of the most comfortable things in my life.

and that's my life. with lots of MyLifeIsAverage thrown in. :) makes me smile.


tummyhungry said...

haha yessss. corn dog!

tp said...

sooo, i have purchased the new b.d. cd per your recommendation! thanks for keeping me updated :)