Saturday, September 12, 2009

deliver me

living at home definitely has its challenges. getting excited for future plans with my best friend-- february fun [more about that later] & moving out in approximately a year.

i'm having a chill saturday. i just feel like writing for some reason.. the morning was slightly rough so i journaled a bunch already. i've been knitting most of today while listening to bethany dillon's latest album, "Stop & Listen." i know i've already mentioned it but if you like her this is a great project she put out. maybe it's just me, but my heart needs to hear the things she's writing about. her words meet me where i am and it's straight up from the Lord. i feel like my strength has increased so much lately, with starting a new job and dealing with daily struggles. for the first time in a long time, my faith cannot be shaken. it
's such a relieving feeling. and i'm really excited for things that are about to develop with worship at my church, as well as getting my new bible in the mail on tuesday. i'm so ready to have to word of the Lord with me on the metro and at work.

something that has been on my mind 24/7 is money and budgeting. and i don't like to think about it, i just feel like i have to. even though my money is pretty well accounted for and i'm not completely broke anymore, i like to keep track of what i'm devoting my salary to. and i've been weighing the needs against the wants. so i just gave up buying coffee completely and started drinking the free tea my office has every morning. i'm trying not to do any outside spending other than bills, metro and gas. i've even stopped eating out.. it can be so easy to just drop $5 for lunch but that's money i could be spending on my necessities. outside of the occasional dinner with a friend or lunch with a co-worker none of my money will be going to food. everything that i don't spend will be much needed savings, and i like the sound of that.

it just started raining and that makes me happy since i wanted it to earlier. i love days when i can stay inside, be relaxed and watch the rain from my window. enjoy it :)

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Melissa Joy said...

I am waiting for my BD cd in the mail, should have it tomorrow. I feel like we are going through a lot of the same things. The budgeting thing is something that I am struggling with but with God I know I can do it.

We need to get together...I miss my Sarah Fisch times!!!