Tuesday, August 4, 2009

where i should have spent all my summer days..

i went to this park by my house yesterday with my bro and sis.. i can't remember the last time i was there but it was a beautiful day (the first one without humidity in a while). i just really wanted to sit by the lake. so i talked my sibs into it and we went to the park. my sis and i sat by the lake reading, knitting and watching people fish while my bro went rollerblading. there was this really cute family teaching their kids how to fish.. one of the little girls was so adorable; she was baiting her line and she was like, "mommy, this worm is so active!" haha so cute. anyway, the weather was gorgeous and it was a perfect day to sit by the lake. i plan to take advantage of that a lot more before autumn weather sets in. sunsets, anyone?

today is my sister's 17th birthday and i still think of her as a 10 year old who knows nothing about the world. but the truth is, she's growing up and isn't as naive as i'd like to admit. she's going to start her senior year of high school and i think she's even planning on going to Salisbury for college like i did (which i'm thrilled about). as long as she stays out of trouble, maybe i can accept the fact that she's not a baby anymore.

anyway. i'm going to ice a cake for little sis and we're going out to Bonefish tonight (yum). have a good one.

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