Sunday, July 12, 2009

wedding :)

my friends lauren & eric finally got married yesterday. i remember oh so clearly when they started dating-- it was valentine's day a few years back and eric was standing on a hill outside our dorm with roses for lauren. so cute and one of the best relationships i've ever witnessed. i saw them go through great love but i also saw them struggle a bit, which was good because it made the concept of love more real to me. they have followed the Lord through their whole relationship and being at their wedding yesterday made me realize that if we ever want to end up like them, we'd better be pursuing our God before going after anyone on this earth.

they got married in a gorgeous church and it was the perfect ceremony. not one thing went wrong, it was short and sweet, pastor mark officiated and he's brilliant so it was so good to hear some of his wisdom. alicia and i cried through the whole thing-- i think it's because eric and lauren are the first of our friends to get married who we actually lived with and spent a lot of time with at college before they graduated. i was just so happy for them, they are beautiful together and they have the most blessed lives of anyone i've ever seen: big families who love the Lord, tons of siblings (old and new) and parents who love and support them and have been good examples. sometimes i wish i had that consistency in my life, and i tend to put a label on myself that says since i don't have it, i can't end up like eric and lauren. but that's pretty much just satan getting in my head telling me lies and the Lord is going to lead me to where He wants me to be.

anyway. the reception was so fun and we got to sit at the "salisbury table" where we had a mini reunion with some good old friends from college. i was especially happy to see my friends emily and alan (i don't get to see em often and alan just got back from the philippines). we had a huge dance party and just celebrated all night with eric and lauren as well as had some amazing food. it was a perfect wedding and i'm just saying.. i can't wait to get married. :)

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