Saturday, July 4, 2009

2:30 a.m. yo

just got home from a night out in annapolis.. oh how i missed that place. i went to see one of my good friends that i led worship with at school play in his home band Kentavius. and i love them.. such a cool group of guys that just jam out on stage and connect with the crowd. their music is so fun; myspace them and listen! 

i saw a few old friends when i was there which was so nice.. despite the fact that my friend cait, the reason i started hanging out in naptown in the first place, wasn't there. i've rarely been in that area without her. but i was glad to see other people and hear some good music. and get a couple drinks.. always fun.

i applied to a couple of places for work today and this verse kept popping up in my brain: "ask and you shall receive." i think that's one of those verses where you read it, you agree with it, but you might not necessarily believe it. i've been in that position before. it's weird to think that you can ask God for anything in the world and he will give it to you. that's also a kind of irrational way of thinking. most of the things we ask for we shouldn't anyway. but i do think that God takes that and either changes your mind about what you wanted in the first place or takes away your desire for it. or if it's right, he gives it to you and everything's peachy. anyway, i'm asking to receive. and i hope He gets the message or straightens me out. and there's a lot of change/straightening out i need in general as of late so i'm trying to work on that. God's got His work cut out for Him, poor guy.

ok it's late. bedtime. [seriously, look up Kentavius, they're great]

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