Monday, June 29, 2009

a rare 6 a.m. post

i can't sleep & i made coffee. what better time to post?

i just thought of a list of things i want badly:

- roadtrip to cait in the Nash
- visit/move to Guam (inspired by my new roommate who lived there for a while)
- have coffee be good for you
- never worry about money again (i didn't say this list was going to be realistic)
- take another vacation with my beloved college friends
- lead worship again
- get my third tattoo
- more late nights talking on the trampoline under the stars (rissa saw a shooting star last night!)
- never have my dog get old
- read a lot more since i'm no longer a crazy lit major in college
- pay my bills on my own forever
- be truly happy and love my life.

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