Friday, June 26, 2009

mourning the music

when i found out about michael jackson yesterday i was immediately saddened. not to the point that i was bawling like a baby like some of the crazies on tv, but all i could think about was the music. i mean, the guy IS a legend. he created/invented some of the best of the music world. he was named the King of Pop. no one else can claim his dance moves or his insanity. despite all the psycho things about him, no one can deny that he was one of the greats. oh, how i wish i had been older in the 80's just to be able to appreciate the Thriller album more. or to have a chance to see him in person before he turned white and weird. the man was born to entertain, and i would say he fulfilled his life's calling. it's too bad he won't get that $400,000,000 from the London tour he was going to start next month to pay off his millions in debt. and it's unfortunate his kids (two of which are named the same thing) don't have a dad anymore. but they'll always know who their daddy is because the world won't let them forget, ever. 

here's to the music. RIP, mj.


DiverDork said...

Just to clarify, he wasn't "named" the King of was self-proclaimed.

Love or Nothing said...

named, self proclaimed.. either way it's what he was. haha

photography4me said...

Yeah what you said...This was a beautiful post.
I was on Elsie's blog reading through some of the comments...and there are times when I just pick a random I picked yours. Very cute background I love it. See you around in blog world. Angela