Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i like even numbers

tomorrow is my roommate's birthday... happy birthday riss! (i love that i will always call her my roommate even though 755 is over... sad. i live in the past.) anyway, i'm really excited to spend the weekend with her and catch up. i'm on the verge of starting work so it will be nice to have one last getaway. i went grocery shopping with my fam tonight and it surprised me how much i loved getting food i actually want.. i've grown too accustomed to random eating habits in college. so i bought two cartons of soymilk and whole wheat bagels. and cucumbers! those are my favorite summer.. vegetable? fruit? i don't even know what they are. i also went bike riding again today. my bro and i just cruise around the neighborhood for a while, it reminds me of our kid days. we just wave to the people golfing and avoid getting hit by cars.. it's good times.

i also did a quick music search this morning to see what i could find and i found this girl annie williams.. she's really good. also stars (who i've listened to for a while now) and kate nash. check 'em out. and congrats to my bf alicia who ran a 5k today (and asked me for help with her playlist.. i know that got you through it haha). 

have a good weekend!

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DiverDork said...

So what did that have to do with even numbers?