Sunday, March 15, 2009

rain rain go away...

I actually don't mind rain on lazy Sundays such as this one. I got up and went to church with my good friend Steven and it was nice to just go with him instead of a whole group of people like we usually do. My roommates are both at work so I came home and ate lunch and worked on some music and stared at Sunny the fish. My sister called to say that she and my mom would be stopping in on their way home from the beach so it'll be good to see them in a little while. Now I'm just listening to Play Radio Play! (something about electronica is so soothing) and enjoying the cleanliness of my room. (I hate clutter but unfortunately, it happens.) I might just get so bored tonight that I'll vacuum the house and do all the dishes. Or call my friend Nikki and get her to hang out with me. :)

Church was really great today-- the normal pastor was gone so Pastor Dave spoke instead and I love when he does. He's spoken a couple of times at Cru and it's always been really awesome. The Lord showed me some things I needed to hear and in the sermon Pastor Dave actually used an example of something that is happening in my life, so that was kind of cool.

Anyway, a new week of work that shouldn't be too bad and a new experience of living in this house pretty much alone should be interesting. Or creepy. Either way... I'll be fine. :)

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