Thursday, January 1, 2009

Radiate '08.

I always come into Christian retreats or conferences such as Radiate knowing that God is going to work and that I will have a blessed time. Radiate was hands down the best thing that happened to me in 2008 and the best beginning to 2009. And here's why:

- I was with all of my best friends that I love so much.
- Packed elevators and Salisbury chants that don't actually exist.
- amazing worship. and an amazing worship seminar that completely changed the way I think about how I lead worship, what I want to do with it and my beloved Cru band.
- seeing a thousand people worship the Lord wholeheartedly with no barriers.
- the possibility of new adventures for me and my roommate (more on that later, God willing.)
- hearing what God did with my friends and how He is moving, especially with their future plans.
- I am REALLY excited to see what God does with the rest of my life.
- My temporary burdens and worries have been lifted.

Here's what I want for my life: for this feeling of feeling so high by the Lord to continue and not fade for anything. I know this is possible-- everyday life and Satan will try to stop it but I want to put up the greatest fight I can for the greatest thing I live for. Prayer is such a big part of my life and I want to be able to never hesitate to pray for anything. And one thing I realized is that I want people to look at me and have no doubt that I am a woman of God. My actions and attitude constantly fail me. But the Lord can take that away as long as I don't hang on to it. I want to allow Him to do that and change me.

There's a song by Jonathan Lee (one of the musicians at Radiate) that I absolutely love and you guys need to listen to it. Beautiful King... the chorus is my favorite:

Beautiful King, wonderful Savior
You reign forever and ever
Oh Lord, in spirit and truth

The Lord is moving and I am blessed.

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