Tuesday, January 6, 2009

music of 2009.

It's funny that I haven't written about music in a while, since it happens to be one of the biggest parts of my life. Anyway, here are some people I am excited about:

1. Hillsong. Anything by them, of course. But right now the "This is Our God" album is at the top of my list. Songs like "Desert Song," "Healer," and "He is Lord" are awesome.

2. Kari Jobe. This girl has a great voice and even listening to her on an album you can tell that she is truly worshiping the Lord. "The More I Seek You" and "Revelation Song" are good ones.

3. Phil Wickham. Didn't get into him until I saw him play with Beth and the Shanes... and I regret that I missed him for so long. His live album is a free download on his site right now, so take advantage of that. I love "Cannons," "Because of Your Love," and "Divine Romance."

4. Lights. This girl is from Canada and does a lot of electronic/piano mixing, which is tight. She's poppy but seeing her live made me love her. "February Air" is my favorite.

5. Mat Kearney. I will always love this man for the way he can mix acoustics/singing and rap into one style. His "Nothing Left to Lose" album is so good. And I am always jealous of Cait getting to stalk him in the Nash. ;)

6. Jonathan Lee. We saw him at Radiate and when I first saw him during the worship seminar I went to, I did not expect that voice to come out of him. Plus his lyrics are awesome and you can tell he is filled with the Spirit just when he talks. "Beautiful King" and "As White as the Snow" are genius.

7. Vicky Beeching. I'm so happy I got to meet this woman-- she was at Radiate also and her advice during worship seminar changed my perspective on worship leading and gave me some hope for my life that I needed. "The Wonder of the Cross" is my current favorite.

8. Brooke Fraser. She is one of the newer additions to the Hillsong band and has written songs like "Desert Song" for "This is Our God." She also has her own album and you can feel her heart for orphans and children around the world (particularly Africa). Plus her voice is amazing.

9. Sarah Reeves. I found her on myspace a couple days ago and the song "Sweet Sweet Sound" is basically my anthem, so of course I immediately loved her. She has an album coming out soon and if the rest of it is anything like what's on her site currently then it will be great.

10. Me. I'm working on a lot right now and hopefully they will come together to make a nice new worship album-- not that it'll get recorded or anything, but you might hear me playing them from time to time. The Lord is good and I'm excited about what He's putting in my heart and spilling onto paper.

Let me know what some of your favorites are so I can listen to them!


Annie Peterson said...

I also really like Phil Wickham! I spend a lot of my listening time on musicians from IHOP in KC... Merchant Band, Misty Edwards, Matt Gilman & Cory Asbury... Those are my faves!

I love to hear that the Lord is pouring songs into you...I've been needing to take some time and ask Him to do the same for some things I have on my heart that I want to put to music. :)

Andrea said...

Kori Jobe - freakin yeah! She's so good!