Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This semester I've discovered how accident prone I am. Even when things aren't my fault, I happen to be there. Last night our oven caught on fire and almost caught our whole house on fire. I came home from class and wanted to make biscuits, so I put them in the oven. It started getting a little smoky a few minutes later and I didn't know why so I turned off the oven and took the biscuits out. The smoke didn't go away and when I peeked in the oven, there was a flame at the very bottom, like below all the racks and everything. My roommate called the fire department and by the time they got there, smoke was pouring out of our house and I was convinced it was burning to the ground (even though the fire was contained in the oven). We got the guitars and computers out just in case though. When they finally put it out, they had torn the oven out of the wall and thrown it on our deck. The wall behind it is burned and our whole house is smoky now, but praise God that it didn't get worse.  It wasn't because of anything I did or any food burning-- the oven simply malfunctioned. We don't have heat because the gas is disconnected now and obviously we can't cook a lot until they install a new oven, so please pray for me and my roommates.

And pray that nothing else happens to me this semester. Granted, this one wasn't my fault, but I've had it with accidents.

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